Coppermine Photo Gallery v1.5.x: Documentation and Manual

Table of Contents

Monitor Calibration Bar

What is displayed on your screen may not be what the creator of a digital picture intended to display. The reason behind this issue is that several factors have an impact on your monitor. The brightness and contrast of your monitor changes as your monitor warms up each time you power it on as well as during the life time of the product (aging). The ambient light (daylight and/or room light) has an impact as well on how you perceive photos. That's what this grey scale monitor calibration bar is for: it is meant to allow you to calibrate your monitor. The colors in the bar range from black through grey to white. If your screen is too dark, the blacks will appear to have no separation and if too light the whites will have the same effect. In either case we suggest that you adjust your monitor's brightness and contrast controls until you see a gradual but seperated tone from left to right. This should get your monitor as close to some standards as possible without additional calibration hardware.